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Weathering the New Norm

Adjusting to our new norm:

Each morning, I wake up to see if I can make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. I am 67 and have heart related issues, but all I find when I try to book an appointment online is that appointments aren’t available.  

While I wonder when appointments for a vaccine will become available, I realize that I have been living for one year  a life of limited socialization, mask wearing each time I step outside, and reading about too many friends testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.  Yesterday, I read that a friend’s spouse died from this terrible beast of a virus. 

Living day to day:

I have been living a tremendously different life post pandemic than my prior pandemic. A year ago, my son and I were on a cruise visiting ports in the Caribbean. Today, I spent this one year anniversary of our cruise seeking an appointment to get a vaccine.  Also, one year ago today, I was planning on my first year of retirement to include lots of travel and fun.  Today, I wonder when retirement travel and fun will actually be able to start. Will I ever want to travel as I did prior pandemic? 

Looking forward:

This pandemic has impacted everyone and as we slowly begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, we need to prepare for another transition that brings us back to normalcy.  But no one really knows what that new normalcy will be.  Are schools going to continue to rely upon more virtual learning instead of building new schools? 

Will just about everyone work from home instead of going back to their work site?   Will we go out to eat at restaurants or ever again be allowed in a grocery store, when we can go on an app and order whatever we need and have it delivered to our homes?  And will we relate to each other differently than before the pandemic when we have a chance to again interact with each other through handshakes and sitting and standing within six feet of each other.  And will we soon be able to stop wearing our masks? 

I believe the future of what is normal will be very different that it was pre-pandemic. For those with autism who have difficulty adjusting to change or even for those who accept change, preparing for that new normal may be difficult or easy.  Fortunately, MyHana will help provide curriculum and options to best navigate these storms, for all those individuals or families living with someone on the spectrum. 

Take care,

Scott Badesch



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