5 Stress-Relief Tips for Caregivers

5 Stress-Relief Tips for Caregivers Caregivers of children with autism experience high levels of stress……… Caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience increased stress and more significant negative caregiving consequences than those with typically developing children (Adib, et al., 2019).Many research studies have proven that this is true.As a caregiver to two sons […]

5 Tips to Deal with Stress from COVID-19

Uncertain times often bring stress. We understand that news of a global pandemic can bring complicated feelings to both parents and children.  Fear about getting Coronavirus and social isolation may cause hopelessness, fear, panic, and other difficult emotions.  Children with autism can be very sensitive to the news, reactions from adults, and everchanging cancellations from […]

FREE Trauma Training Online

We love providing our members with FREE information that helps not only with raising your child but for supporting YOU, the caregiver! Here’s a free 9-day online course we found from the leading experts of childhood trauma. From their website:   Did you experience trauma in your childhood? If so…are the after-effects still impacting your life today? […]