Brain Region Linked to Social Skills in Autism

Researchers continue to seek genetic information about autism spectrum disorders. Any time there is a connection made between a gene or trait, we will share the research with our members. Many times, research is compared to a very difficult puzzle. Even a tiny piece brings important information.   Here is a snippet from the article […]

Types of long-term behavioral therapies

What types of therapy? There are many types of therapy for autistic children. Doctors often refer to or recommend occupational, speech, physical, and music therapy. Each therapist will complete a thorough assessment of your child and then decide the amount and frequency of therapy. Usually, a child attends therapy on a weekly basis and receives […]

Early Intervention for High Functioning Autism is Key

Intervention as early as possible is key for those diagnosed with high-functioning autism/asperger’s syndrome. Treatment for HFA deals with improving social skills, utilizing their strengths and finding success. Keep in mind that a therapy that works for one area might not be effective for other behaviors. It is not a one size, one fit approach. […]

Project Rex School Age Group

School-Age group is meeting Tuesdays from October 9th through November 27th. Intake is required before participating in the group. Please call (843) 792-9162 to confirm attendance. This 8-week group is designed to enhance social skills of children with high-functioning ASD and ADHD. Diagnosis is not required for participation. For full program details, please visit the School-Age group page. Want […]