Returning to School

For most parents with school age children, this is the time of year when parents are involved in the transition of their kids to a new school year. Of course, as we all know, 2020 is just a very different year. While all of my four children are now adults (and I have two beautiful […]

Addressing Your Child’s Processing Funnel

Oftentimes, as parents, our knee jerk reaction may be to address processing related “symptoms” instead of the root issue. When it comes to processing deficits, it can be important to take a step back and address sensory the issues your child is experiencing and learning to work through. When a child with ASD or Asperger’s […]

Processing Approach 101 for Children with ASD

Processing has to do with the way someone’s brain filters and processes information. For children with ASD and other learning disabilities, the quality of processing is oftentimes slowed down or otherwise impaired. Understanding the processing funnel and related approaches can help you and your child avoid outbursts, communicate more effectively, and learn to process information more efficiently.

Sensory Bin Ideas for Home

Children home from school due to the mandated social distancing will benefit from fun activities that double as therapy.  We know that many children with autism can have trouble with play that is creative.  Setting up play activities that have a theme can help kids move from playing with the same toys over and over […]

Airports Adding Sensory Rooms Across the US

It is extremely exciting to see the changes and accommodations for our children and autistic adults. Traveling brings an abundance of sights, visual business, noises, smells, bumping into others, movement and stress. Families often avoid travel since children can become quickly overwhelmed. Today, we would like to highlight the Pittsburgh airport’s sensory room. The best […]