All the good in this world

In light of this pandemic, financial woes and other struggles, 2 thoughts come to mind: 1) Self-care needs to be a priority. and 2) There is still a lot of good in this world. Self-care is about doing something you love, something to help you decompress from the stress of work and life. Next time […]

Understanding our challenges

Tough news This past Friday, I learned that a good friend of mine tested positive for the Corona Virus and was put in the hospital. Yesterday, I learned he is not doing well, and his prognosis is not looking good… As I worried about my friend, I also worried about how the horrors of Covid-19 […]

Conversations with a friend

Discussing the autism diagnosis with others I recall having a conversation with a friend of mine about how he felt when or if we discussed his autism. For some reason, this was the first time we had such an open conversation about his diagnosis. My friend let me know about some personal experiences he had […]

Hope for an independent future

Looking to the future Parents, how would you respond If your son or daughter surprised you with this question, “I know this sounds really dark, but do you think I have a future?” Personally, I was caught off guard by this question; at the same time, I was curious what my friend meant by it […]

Communication, Communication, Communication

Let’s talk about communication: With COVID-19 continuing to be an issue, schools are under constant pressure to reassess whether students will return to meet face to face in the fall. Regardless, there are things that parents and caregivers can be doing while our children are at home with us. The Journal of Behavior Analysis in […]

5 Stress-Relief Tips for Caregivers

5 Stress-Relief Tips for Caregivers Caregivers of children with autism experience high levels of stress……… Caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience increased stress and more significant negative caregiving consequences than those with typically developing children (Adib, et al., 2019).Many research studies have proven that this is true.As a caregiver to two sons […]

Lowering Stress with Fractals- 4 Fun Activities

Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat at increasingly small scales. Research shows that people find fractals visually pleasing and that they can also reduce stress. Here are four ways that you and your family can discover fractals and use them to develop new coping skills together: 1- Explore fractals in nature Fractals can be found […]

FREE Trauma Training Online

We love providing our members with FREE information that helps not only with raising your child but for supporting YOU, the caregiver! Here’s a free 9-day online course we found from the leading experts of childhood trauma. From their website:   Did you experience trauma in your childhood? If so…are the after-effects still impacting your life today? […]