Communication, Communication, Communication

Let’s talk about communication: With COVID-19 continuing to be an issue, schools are under constant pressure to reassess whether students will return to meet face to face in the fall. Regardless, there are things that parents and caregivers can be doing while our children are at home with us. The Journal of Behavior Analysis in […]

The robots are coming – and they’re here to help.

Being close with a person on the spectrum means that we’ve all experienced that moment where a toy, game or technology gets picked over spending personal time together. It can be difficult, but that’s the reality of living with autism. Many autistic people have a harder time understanding others, so sometimes it’s just less stressful […]

Types of long-term behavioral therapies

What types of therapy? There are many types of therapy for autistic children. Doctors often refer to or recommend occupational, speech, physical, and music therapy. Each therapist will complete a thorough assessment of your child and then decide the amount and frequency of therapy. Usually, a child attends therapy on a weekly basis and receives […]

6 Tips to Increase Communication for Small Children (Tip Sheet)

(1 min) Sometimes even simple adjustments can make a big improvement. The following suggestions require little or no expense and with a little planning or thinking ahead can increase opportunities for communication for your child. 1. Control your materials- Place preferred food, toys and other items out of reach so your child must request them […]

The unique challenges of caring for someone with autism

As a caregiver, you know the difficulties of raising a child with special needs. In fact, you know better than anyone. The sensitivities, the unexplained behavior, the stigma, the all-too-public meltdowns. Now, imagine taking care of someone on the spectrum while being on the spectrum yourself. That’s Greg Love’s story. After discovering his son’s diagnosis […]