Returning to School

For most parents with school age children, this is the time of year when parents are involved in the transition of their kids to a new school year. Of course, as we all know, 2020 is just a very different year. While all of my four children are now adults (and I have two beautiful […]

Addressing Your Child’s Processing Funnel

Oftentimes, as parents, our knee jerk reaction may be to address processing related “symptoms” instead of the root issue. When it comes to processing deficits, it can be important to take a step back and address sensory the issues your child is experiencing and learning to work through. When a child with ASD or Asperger’s […]

Increased Social Challenges, Anxiety and Depression in ASD Siblings

(1 min) Siblings of children on the autism spectrum were found to have “significantly more negative outcomes” than comparison groups in recent study. ASD siblings showed increased difficulty in: internalized behavior problems psychological functioning social functioning sibling relationships anxiety symptoms depression Study authors recommend that siblings be included in family interventions and receive support to […]

Mental Health Diagnosis Increase with ASD in Young Adults

Higher rates of mental health diagnosis are prevalent in the young adult ASD population Research shows that the rate of mental health diagnosis of depression, ADHD and anxiety are higher in individuals on the spectrum.  Providing mental health resources and screenings for these children as they navigate the move into adulthood is very important. Indicators […]

5 Easy Sensory Activities You Can Add to Your Busy Schedule

(Total read time: 3 minutes) Autistic individuals rely on sensory activities throughout life to regulate physical discomfort, cope with stress and for enjoyment. The following sensory activities can be taught to anyone at any age regardless of their skills and abilities to increase independence. In some cases, teaching these healthy sensory activities can prevent or […]