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Seeking Support: Autism

Tips when seeking support

So far, we have covered 7 processing approaches that can help you better care for your neuro-diverse child. In this post, we will go over what to do when you are considering extra support or intervention for your child with Autism.

Identifying and employing appropriate support may not be appropriate for everyone, each case is unique and therefore requires an individualized approach.

The Autism Society of America has put it this way:

“Parents and professionals have been confounded by conflicting messages regarding which treatment options are appropriate for children and adults on the autism spectrum. As each person responds to treatment differently, we cannot endorse any one treatment or program. Families should educate themselves about all options and choose what they feel is in the best interest of their child and family, based on their experience and what resources are available.”

Where to start

First, start by learning what you can do at home with your child. At myHana, we provide parents with an easy to follow curriculum, created by world renowned clinicians. Understanding that most of your child’s time will be spent at home, what better place, and what better person to learn from than you.

As you navigate the care journey, your child will be dependent on you to carry out their curriculum with them. You will be responsible for helping teach and apply important skills; and most importantly, be an advocate throughout their entire journey.

If you’re wondering where to start, myHana can help provide you with a great foundation. Our suite of tools and resources can help you build a great foundation for your child.


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