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As a company, The Kenney Law Firm has dedicated itself to providing special needs legal services to families wishing to do all they can to plan for an independent, and sustainable future for their children. As a family legal practice, the Kenney Law Firm has a wealth of experience dealing with planning for the future for special needs families.

Working closely with myHana, The Kenney Law Firm has been able to drastically reduce the costs of creating special needs wills, trusts, and estate plans. Additionally, The Kenney Law Firm (through an initiative pioneered by myHana), works closely with Special Needs Certified financial planning firm of Johnson & Murphy, as together they provide a full suite of steeply discounted financial and legal services for special need families.

In an effort to increase access too, while reducing the costs of the professional services required to plan for an independent and /or a sustainable future, The Kenney Law Firm and Johnson & Murphy can produce complete packages for as low as $1800. Compare this to an average nationwide cost of over $6,000 for the same work.

Todd & Sarah Kenny can be reached using the contact details below.