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The firm of Johnson & Murphy has dedicated itself to reducing the costs and stress levels commonly involved in setting up independent and sustainable futures for our children.

Working closely with myHana, Johnson & Murphy has been able to drastically reduce the costs of creating special needs certified financial plans for families like ours. Additionally, Johnson & Murphy (through an initiative pioneered by myHana), works with special needs focused law firms so that special needs trusts, wills, healthcare dircetives etc., can be added to a package. In South Carolina, Johnson & Murphy works with the Kenney Law Firm.

In an effort to increase access, and reduce the costs of the professional services required to plan for an independent and /or a sustainable future, Johnson & Murphy, and the Kenny Law firm can produce complete packages for as low as $1800. Compare this to an average nationwide cost of over $6,000 for the same work.

Kevin Murphy and David Johnson can be reached using the contact details below.