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Not all colleges are equal in meeting needs of students on the spectrum

We are getting ready for back to school during August at

As a parent, I know how stressful the transition back to school can be.  One of the things I always do is to review my boys’ IEP documents.  Since I have two sons on the autism spectrum, I have to ensure I keep each of their IEP binders organized.  Every August I read the evaluation report and make sure the information is still current.  I make notes about changes to medical information, medications, and progress my boys made over the summer.


I also review the IEP goals and the accommodations list within the IEP document.  If your child has a 504 plan, you will not have goals, but only a list of accommodations to ensure your child has what he/she needs to succeed in the classroom.  As soon as you receive your child’s classroom assignment, add your child’s teacher information to the IEP binder.  I place the contact information in a clear pocket at the front of the binder.


Schedule a meeting or call with the classroom teacher to review any concerns you have as soon as school begins so you feel confident that your child’s needs are being met.  One of the best resources I’ve found over the years is the website is packed with FREE and helpful information for all things education-related.  There are even links to each state’s laws or to someone who is able to help you with issues specific to your area.  While you’re at the website, be sure to sign up for their newsletter.  They always send helpful tidbits of information.  Many times I receive information that I didn’t even know I needed!


Be sure to tune in to your dashboard for information about back to school during the entire month of August.  Click the LEARN tab and then on the LIBRARY tab on the dropdown menu.


Let us know if you have any super resources for back to school.  We love hearing from YOU!

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