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Today’s processing friendly tool is known as frontloading. Similar to forecasting, this tool is used to help remind your child of past behavior patterns before setting expectations with them.

For example, if your son or daughter gets very hyper when they go to a particular friend of family members house, you might say, “Sarah, last time we went over to Aunt Jessica’s to play with Lily you were very hyper. Can you work on staying calmer this time?”

Frontloading can also be used for things your son or daughter does on a daily basis but has been struggling to do so without added frustration or resistance. For example, “Sarah, last time we tried to do chores you got very upset. I hope today you will choose to not react that way.”

Like forecasting, frontloading takes the surprise out of requests and helps to gently set expectations for improved behavior by reminding your child of old patterns.

If you’ve run into rigidity with your child and asking them to do things has suddenly become quite difficult. Use this tool to help keep the processing funnel from getting plugged up or filling too quickly.

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