FREE Trauma Training Online

Self-employment is a viable option for some on the autism spectrum

We love providing our members with FREE information that helps not only with raising your child but for supporting YOU, the caregiver!

Here’s a free 9-day online course we found from the leading experts of childhood trauma.

From their website:


Did you experience trauma in your childhood?

If so…are the after-effects still impacting your life today? Your relationships? Your health? Your happiness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to join us for the free Healing From Childhood Trauma Masterclass, where we’ve brought together a collection of the world’s most respected teachers, therapists, psychologists, bestselling authors & more to help you heal your past.

During this 9-day online event, our teachers will be helping you free yourself from the grip your adverse childhood experiences have had on your life, and/or the lives of those you love.


Here’s the link to register. 

****They may try to sell additional resources but you DO NOT have to purchase them in order to view the conference****

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