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Embracing Technology

Technology as a blessing

Last week, I got to see the picture of my newest grandson about one minute after he was born.

Of course, to me, he is the most beautiful little boy in the world.

When I saw his picture for the first time, I remember that 33 years ago, when our daughter was born, we didn’t have iPhones to take pictures in the delivery room to send to parents, brothers, sisters and friends. We couldn’t put her picture on Facebook, because Facebook still didn’t exist and we didn’t even have computers or smartphones to do it on.

Our newfound reliance on technology

Fast forward to 2020, we have technology that makes the picture of a birth appear in texts and emails within seconds after the birth. We no longer get congratulations cards in the mail, but now congratulations are sent via the comments on a Facebook page.

I mention this because as life moves on, we become more reliant on technology. Certainly, we must make sure that those who can’t afford a computer, access to the internet and smartphones are not left behind, but as my grandfather used to say… the horse has left the barn.

I think back when my son was diagnosed with autism and my wife and I tried to find information on the somewhat new internet. What was available was not a lot. Where to turn for information required numerous calls and required constant checking to see if the person being called could help us and our son.

How myHana helps parents in the digital age

Today, the internet provides instantaneous information and when you type the word “autism” into google, thousands of options appear. Don’t we wish there was just one centralized and trustworthy site where we all got the same reliable information?

MyHana is today’s answer to questions like… Where do I turn to when I need to find out how to help my child? How can I easily navigate the autism service system and get help? What services are subsidized or available at no cost? How do I become my child’s best advocate? As my child gets older, how can I help him or her be his or her best advocate?

MyHana has been developed for ease of use. It includes easy to understand ways to best help your child. It is today’s answer to all the when’s, how’s, why’s, and where’s when it comes to your child’s care.

I could continue to talk about what has changed in 33 years; but, I’ve got to FaceTime with my daughter so I can visit with my newest grandson.


Scott Badesch



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