Current State of Neurodivergent Employment

Some startling statistics In a recent webinar on competitive employment landscapes, some startling and all too revealing statistics were given regarding the disabled/neurodiverse population in America.  Only 33.8% of adults with any disability are working (or 66.2% are unemployed) 31.2% of adults with a mental health related disability are working (of 68.8% are unemployed) Only […]

Recent ASD Breakthrough

Announcing: Clarifi ASD Clarifi ASD, an emerging biotech firm, discovered that children with autism have a unique epigenetic signature; similar to those who are considered Neurotypical. This testing method works by analyzing the saliva of children who are suspected of having autism. What they’ve discovered: The average age of an autism diagnosis comes between the […]

Increased Social Challenges, Anxiety and Depression in ASD Siblings

(1 min) Siblings of children on the autism spectrum were found to have “significantly more negative outcomes” than comparison groups in recent study. ASD siblings showed increased difficulty in: internalized behavior problems psychological functioning social functioning sibling relationships anxiety symptoms depression Study authors recommend that siblings be included in family interventions and receive support to […]

The robots are coming – and they’re here to help.

Being close with a person on the spectrum means that we’ve all experienced that moment where a toy, game or technology gets picked over spending personal time together. It can be difficult, but that’s the reality of living with autism. Many autistic people have a harder time understanding others, so sometimes it’s just less stressful […]

Walk for Autism, April, 13, 2019 Hampton Park, Charleston, South Carolina

Walk for Autism in April of 2019 fun for the whole family Mark your calendars for April 13, 2019, to walk for autism!!! Join everyone at Hampton Park in Charleston to help raise money to support therapy and educational resources. Your dollars will help with autism education, awareness, advocacy, research, and most importantly, enable us […]

Early Intervention for High Functioning Autism is Key

Intervention as early as possible is key for those diagnosed with high-functioning autism/asperger’s syndrome. Treatment for HFA deals with improving social skills, utilizing their strengths and finding success. Keep in mind that a therapy that works for one area might not be effective for other behaviors. It is not a one size, one fit approach. […]

Mental Health Diagnosis Increase with ASD in Young Adults

Higher rates of mental health diagnosis are prevalent in the young adult ASD population Research shows that the rate of mental health diagnosis of depression, ADHD and anxiety are higher in individuals on the spectrum.  Providing mental health resources and screenings for these children as they navigate the move into adulthood is very important. Indicators […]

Study Suggests Adults on the Autism Spectrum More Likely Than Adults With Other Developmental Disabilities to Have Mental Health Diagnosis

A new study compares adults on the autism spectrum with typically developing peer and peers with other developmental disabilities. Results suggest that adults on the autism spectrum are more likely to have a mental health diagnosis than both typical adults and adults with other developmental disabilities. (9 min) To access complete results to the study […]

Uniform Occupational Diplomas Now Available for Students with Disabilities in South Carolina

(Total read time: 5 minutes) Senate Bill 0462 becomes law Students with disabilities who are not eligible for a regular diploma will now have access to a uniform employability diploma based on the post-secondary education plans and “personalized pathways” or individualized curriculum. Students will be allowed to earn credits for career preparation courses and on-the-job […]