Dear Parents, take care of yourselves.

Heading into a new year The other day, I read a Facebook post that said, “I am returning 2021 since I had a seven day grace period to return it without any questions asked.” I laughed when I read that, but it also got me thinking about how much daily stress people experience; and how […]

Hand Washing Visual

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, clean hands save lives! Did you know there are recommended steps to washing the hands effectively?  Here is a great picture giving step-by-step instructions.  Thanks to our friends at the Autism Society of America for the picture guide! Please let us know or comment […]

8 Skills to Teach Your Child (Video)

(4.5 min) Autism advocate Paul Hoover discusses simple yet often overlooked skills to teach you child on the spectrum. Prefer to listen?