Weathering the New Norm

Adjusting to our new norm: Each morning, I wake up to see if I can make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. I am 67 and have heart related issues, but all I find when I try to book an appointment online is that appointments aren’t available.   While I wonder when appointments for a vaccine […]

Raising a Child with Autism and Caring for Yourself

  The emotional journey of having a special needs child can be exhausting, isolating and take years to fully understand the impact that it has had on you as a person. Special needs such as autism are especially taxing because you as a parent had a vision for the life of your new child and […]

Autistic Grief: Tips to Recognize and Cope with Loss

(Total read time: 3 minutes) It’s a myth that people on the spectrum don’t experience emotions. Autistic people may feel certain emotions. more deeply less deeply or just differently. Furthermore, individuals on the spectrum may experience: a delay in their ability to process these emotions as well as difficulty identifying and expressing these feelings. Grief […]