Current State of Neurodivergent Employment

Some startling statistics In a recent webinar on competitive employment landscapes, some startling and all too revealing statistics were given regarding the disabled/neurodiverse population in America.  Only 33.8% of adults with any disability are working (or 66.2% are unemployed) 31.2% of adults with a mental health related disability are working (of 68.8% are unemployed) Only […]

An Aspie’s View on Self-Employment for People on the Autism Spectrum

Blogger and  self-employed aspie Laina Eartharcher shares her thoughts on the advantages of self-employment for individuals on the autism spectrum along with advice on how to explore self-employment as an option. (6 min) To read the complete article, click on the link below. Source: Self-employment for people on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum – the […]