Addressing Your Child’s Processing Funnel

Oftentimes, as parents, our knee jerk reaction may be to address processing related “symptoms” instead of the root issue. When it comes to processing deficits, it can be important to take a step back and address sensory the issues your child is experiencing and learning to work through. When a child with ASD or Asperger’s […]

Helping Your Child Tell Their Story

I’d like to start with a quote: “All of these stories make me who I am. But to insist on only the negative stories is to flatten my experience and to overlook the many other stories that formed me. The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, […]

Engaging in Early Intervention

For many parents, realizing that your child may receive an autism diagnosis can be difficult and or surprising, but it doesn’t have to be. Substantial efforts have been made to frame a roadmap for parents as they begin to navigate the possibility that their child may be Neurodiverse. According to Gentles, Nicholas, Jack, McKibbon, & […]

Soft Demeanor

This approach may seem obvious, but it’s good to remember when working with your neuro-diverse child. Autism can make processing information difficult. If you recall, the “processing funnel” illustrates what happens when someone with autism isn’t able to digest all the information being thrown at them, the result is rigidity, irritability, and overflow. Soft tones […]

Processing Approach 101 for Children with ASD

Processing has to do with the way someone’s brain filters and processes information. For children with ASD and other learning disabilities, the quality of processing is oftentimes slowed down or otherwise impaired. Understanding the processing funnel and related approaches can help you and your child avoid outbursts, communicate more effectively, and learn to process information more efficiently.

What To Do After An Autism Diagnosis

When your child receives a diagnosis of autism, you will feel a wide range of emotions. I understand. Both of my own sons were diagnosed with autism within a year of each other. In my heart, I always knew something was a bit off with my boys’ development, but the official diagnosis brought both relief, […]

Brain Region Linked to Social Skills in Autism

Researchers continue to seek genetic information about autism spectrum disorders. Any time there is a connection made between a gene or trait, we will share the research with our members. Many times, research is compared to a very difficult puzzle. Even a tiny piece brings important information.   Here is a snippet from the article […]