Care Management Platform

Coordinating, documenting and managing all of your child’s services can be an overwhelming experience. myHana’s secure HIPAA compliant condition management platform gives you, the caregiver, the ability to manage your child’s care all at the click of a button.

Our technology gives you the ability to manage primary conditions and multiple comorbidities to help you design and execute the most effective treatment plan possible for your child.

You Have Real Challenges. We Have Real Solutions.

Create & Manage Your 
Care Team
  • Invite any and all stakeholders to join your team, creating your child’s own personal care circle.
  • Give stakeholders the ability to seamlessly share information and records with others in the care circle.
  • Have questions answered in a timely manner for you and your team.
  • Chat live with relevant professionals, family members and other providers for quick consultations and to share critical information.
 Behaviors & Symptoms

  • Tell your doctor what she doesn’t know! Take notes of your child’s behavior to identify new behaviors, progress and setbacks.

  • Track medication over a period of time to determine effectiveness and possible side effects and interactions.
  • Take video clips or pictures of your child’s behavior or of a medical condition and share them online with your care team.

Manage Appointments & Medications

  • Use myHana’s online calendar to schedule appointments and set reminders.

  • Set medication reminders to avoid missing dosage times.