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Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

April has been traditionally identified as Autism Awareness Month.  However, thanks to organizations like the Autism Society of America, this year, most of us have redefined the month to be Autism Acceptance Month.

Today, most of us likely know someone impacted by autism. It might be a family member, school mate, neighbor, friend, or co-worker.  While we likely know someone impacted by autism, most people don’t fully understand how autism affects a person’s ability to socialize, communicate, work, and more. 

There certainly is a greater need to explain what autism is.  By educating others on the nature of autism, those impacted will be more easily accepted and able to advance in life. Also, by increasing acceptance of neuro-diverse individuals, many more could acquire better paid jobs – opening up doors and maximizing quality of life for those individuals.  

Truthfully, and in many regards, we all need to commit to being a nation where we respect, value and fully accept each other. Far too often, a neuro-diverse individual is not provided the quality public education the deserve. Without said education, their career and life paths are all the more challenging to pursue – we must change this. 

Please join with me, this month and every month, to advocate and live a life where we ensure that an individual’s disability no longer  defines whether or not he or she is afforded the best opportunities possible. By doing such, we can finally reach a time when equality and acceptance for all those on the spectrum is achieved. 


Scott Badesch

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