At Home Lab Testing

At Home Lab Testing Made Easy

myHana is committed to helping you, the caregiver, live well. Your myHana membership includes an account with EveryWell. EverlyWell provides more than 30 at-home lab testing kits – from fertility to cholesterol to  heart health. The platform empowers consumers to order, self-collect, and understand their own physician-approved lab tests sent to your phone, tablet or computer in just days.  Founded in 2015, the mission of the company is to empower people with their own health information so they can live healthier and happier lives.

myHana members receive special benefits from Everlywell with up to 20% off lab tests!  Members will have access to a wide variety of lab tests at reduced rates through your own personalized myHana dashboard.


At Home Lab Testing
made easy

  • myHana members receive 20% off EverlyWell lab test they order
  • 30+ at-home kits — from fertility to food sensitivity tests
  • Simple sample collection, free shipping, and physician-reviewed results
  • Your results are secure and always accessible on any device. Share your results with your physician, friends, and family.

Over 30 tests available.  Including:

  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Cholesterol and Lipids Test
  • Heart Health Test
  • B Vitamins Test
  • Metabolism Test
  • Thyroid Test
  • HbA1c Test
  • Omega-3 Basic Test and many more

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