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Appropriate Expectations

Appropriate Expectations

Setting the right expectations for your children in light of their unique circumstance is so important. We want your child to function optimally, just like you do. It’s our hope, that through the use of expert tools and resources your child can progress towards independence.

Expectations have the ability to dictate our emotional states. Appropriate expectations for your child will help you to avoid emotional reactions when things don’t go as planned.

Determining the correct path and timeline for your child should be both a personally and clinically informed decision. Lean on your care team as you navigate this journey, the path your child takes is his or her own – no one path is better than the other. Some children with autism will never reach full independence, become functionally organized, or 100% socially appropriate.

Accepting this reality is a key to our success as caregivers and parents.

Navigating our limitations

Accepting our limitations helps us 1) avoid burnout, 2) focus on the variables we can control, and 3) prepare for the realities of our sons’ and daughters’ lives. That being said, we can always hope and work for the miracle.  At times we are surprised when dramatic change occurs.  It is rare but possible.  We must understand that we are very limited in our ability to force or guarantee change.  All we can do is stack the deck in favor our children.


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