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Addressing Your Child’s Processing Funnel

Oftentimes, as parents, our knee jerk reaction may be to address processing related “symptoms” instead of the root issue.

When it comes to processing deficits, it can be important to take a step back and address sensory the issues your child is experiencing and learning to work through.

When a child with ASD or Asperger’s is struggling with not only their 5 senses but also the many internal sensations that come along with anxiety and/or depression, they may find themselves placed in type of defense mode.

While in this defense mode, it can be hard to function – your child is focused solely on their self-preservation.

One of the primary reasons that your child may not be managing expectations, social cues and areas related to executive functioning very well (time management, meta cognition, transitions etc.), is because their funnel is plugged up due to external and/or internal stimuli.

So, if your child is getting “stuck,” you can help by talking to them about how they feel, remove them from overstimulating environments and help them create awareness with what they are feeling.

Instead of preaching social skills and time management, flip the priority pyramid and work on the sensory aspect that is impeding your child from making progress.

Doing this and the rest will more easily follow.

View this helpful video:

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